Grand Battle (2010)

Grand Battle is the first release under the Monomate alias, and was dear leader peet's final answer to nintendocore. Released in Spring 2010, it was well-received, receiving acclaim from Erik Engstrom (aka Lord Gold) of HORSE the Band, widely considered the forefathers of the genre. These songs are fleshed-out versions of songs previously released on peet's previous band iamerror's Demo '09, with the exception of Understudy, Dreamland, and Grand Battle.


  1. The Surfing Song
  2. Big Fish, Small Pond (320K MP3, 7.95 MB)
  3. Fail Hill Zone, Act 1 (320K MP3, 8.61 MB)
  4. Hyr00l (320K MP3, 11.49 MB)
  5. Understudy
  6. Ira Vehementi
  7. Saccharine Wasteland
  8. Neurosis III
  9. Generic Dudez
  10. Rainbow Road DX
  11. Dreamland
  12. Grand Battle

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Grand Battle